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Care Providers have access to our full suite of resources including tools, calendar of events, guidance and support documents, and are even able to place and recruit for job adverts.

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Are you considering joining the social care workforce? Or even want to know more about how you could excel further in your care career? Sign up today to find out more on how we can help you!

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Looking to join us in bringing a new generation of people into care? Want to contribute to content and our activities calendar? Make your partner profile with Care Providers' Voice today.

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Why Choose Us?

Here are a few ways how CPV can support your journey.


Joining hands with passionate professionals, we connect you with the opportunities that align with your aspirations. Through our platform, we bridge the gap between job seekers and care providers, ensuring that your journey into the care sector is as seamless and fulfilling as possible.

  • Igniting passion through informative sessions.
  • Recognising excellence, inspiring dedication.
  • Direct connections with care providers.


Candidates Recruited


Inclusivity matters, and that's why we emphasize representation in every facet of our community. Our platform ensures that every voice is heard, creating an environment where diverse perspectives flourish. Through collaborative efforts, we amplify the voices of all, fostering an inclusive space where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow together.

  • Open discussions for diverse care pespectives.
  • Participation for inclusive industry insights.


Providers Represented


Empowerment is at the core of our commitment. Our extensive resources encompass workforce development, training, and valuable insights that enrich your professional journey. With an array of tools at your disposal, you're equipped to grow, learn, and excel in the ever-evolving care sector.

  • Nurturing skills and growth.
  • Intuitive platform experience.
  • Elavating expertise and impact.


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Fancy access to over 130 FREE high-quality online training courses?

Care Providers’ Voice and the London Boroughs of Redbridge, Havering and Barking & Dagenham, Newham and Hackney have come together in partnership with Grey Matter Learning, to offer all care providers in these 5 boroughs FREE access to a high-quality online training package.

  • Over 130 training courses, of which 75% are CPD accredited
  • A comprehensive accessibility package, including a dyslexia setting, access in over 120 languages, and a text to word feature.
  • All mandatory training for staff and access to the care certificated included.
  • For managers, a full learning management system is provided incorporating a training matrix to monitor compliance.
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CPV ensures your social care journey is smooth and stress-free.

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Industry Insights

Hear from the industry itself! Explore why working in this sector is rewarding.

“My role as a Care Coordinator gives me the opportunity to make a real positive impact to peoples lives, not only to the people receiving care but also the wider networks around them. The rewards to working in the health and care sector are daily and it really is a special place to work.”

Chloe Rochester

Care Coordinator

Lodge Group Care

“Being a Recruitment Officer in the health and social care sector gives me the chance to make a difference to peoples lives who are passionate about care and supporting vulnerable people. It gives me the opportunity to make lifelong relationships and create a safe and trusting community.”

Sharon Waller

Recruitment Officer

Cameron House

“I have been working in the Care Sector nearly 4 years. During my time I have been a Carer, Activity Co-ordinator, Business Administrator, Job Broker, and Senior Job Broker. I love that every workday is of value and that I have made an important effect on people’s lives.”

Michaela Gordon

senior Job Broker

Care Providers' Voice

Satisfied Experiences

Don't take our word for it. See the impressions of those who've engaged with us.

“CPV in partnership with HCA are driving forward new workforce recruitment and retention initiatives with support and backing from the Council which would not be as successful if either party worked on separately.”

Ben Campbell

Commissioning Program Manager at LBH

“CPV provides me with a safe space to share knowledge and gain practical help as well as a place to receive emotional support. With the power of the peer-to-peer support offered by the CPV platform, our company have positively developed as a whole and achieved many goals.”

Sam Finney

Area Manager at Roselock

“CPV started at the right time for a much-needed Peer to Peer support group. It has been easier to communicate our concerns, feel more support and be heard, and benefit from greater access and knowledge.”

Laureen Mafu

Operations Manager at Khaya Project

“CPV has played an invaluable role in my recruitment process for opening another supported living home. They have been responsive, providing high quality staff, and have dealt with the entire process with the utmost professionalism.”

Julia Lamb

Registered Manager at Jolly House

“Collaborating with CPV has been transformative for my Health and Social Care students—many have found jobs or shown renewed interest in the field. The CPV team offer exceptional support in career planning and work placements.”

Shomi Begum

Tutor at The Adult College B&D

“The CPV Directors have already demonstrated both the opportunity and value of collaboration and have opened doors to opportunities to support all providers across the area, and make an invaluable contribution to matters of concern to the wider health and social care networks.”

Anthony Pardoe-Matthews

Head of Service at LBR